Our company is based on wired / wireless convergence internet integrated access control system and CCTV monitoring solution, Intelligent video surveillance system using fusion IT solution, New parking control system, energy efficient key-tech, integrated broadcasting system, etc.

We are developing a powerful new solution and we provide a system that reflects the know-how of experience in the field.

Recently, Government, public institutions, corporations, etc.
We have developed a customized integrated system for special environments, Infrared special camera development and We are devoted to system application research and development.

For the new IT Service, Top informatino Technology Co.,Lted. will do out best efforts.

Thank you.

All employees of Top Informatino Technology Co.,Ltd.

Company Name TOP IT Co.,Ltd.
Corporate Registration Number 141211-0067615
Company Registration Number 224-81-60321
Types of business DVR,NVR,CCTV,IT Service
Date of establishment 2013-10
Capital 150,000,000 KRW
Main Phone Number +82-33)761-0031
Institute / Factory 54-2, Taejang Industrial Park, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, KOREA(Republic of)
Employees 8 Person